Matching Nurse Practitioner Students With the Right Preceptors!



The Need

Every Nurse Practitioner probably remembers the stress of finding opportunities to finish their course credits!

Every student is ready to get out there and continue their career in patient care!

Finding preceptors can be competitive, challenging, and frustrating, often without much assistance.

The Experience

NP Preceptor Connector was started by a Nurse Practitioner and a Healthcare Sales Specialist.  

We combine 20 years of ongoing Nurse Practitioner clinical experience, teaching, and precepting, as well as over 15 years of pharmaceutical sales experience, networking with healthcare providers.

We have the knowledge, tools, experience, and network to bring together experienced NPs with eager students.

The Ability

We started as a local company with in-depth knowledge of the Missouri healthcare landscape based here in the Greater St. Louis area. While there are multiple NP programs in the area, we understand that more and more programs are online and more out-of-state students need placements.

We’ve adapted our business model with the tools and contacts to help find preceptors for students wherever they need them. We have preceptor contacts around the country.

Our business model helps us find preceptors and expand the preceptor network.